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A Real FSU Hospital

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Sundra Tanakoh (......., Ukraine) on 29 December 2011 in Business & Industry and Portfolio.

Words can not describe the bleakness of a FSU (Former Soviet Union) Hospital. Every time I walk into one I am at a loss for words and my camera is not always with me.

Today I had my camera ... I did not process this photo other than convert and shrink it to JPEG from my RAW file. The color is as you see it, as you will see it in person. The lights are always off, maybe down a long hallway there might be a single light bulb casting a feeble light in an otherwise dark hallway. Usually light comes from windows as it does here. The green walls are sad and remind me of an old military hospital. The construction is what you see, and note the exposed wiring (on the right), the repair work over the doors, the poorly covered floor, the mis matched coving at the ragged wavy walls and ceilings, the very old chairs and benches, the sad little christmas ornament on the left wall, the one sparkling decoration catching errant light at the nurses station ... the cold air of a winter day.

Imagine no real hospital sounds, no crisply dressed nurses and busy doctors, no overhead music, no beeping of instruments no smell of disinfectant ... no visitors, no phones or intercom ... nothing except the occasional chatter of a woman moping the floor or an occasional patient asking who is next in line at some door. There are no appointments really, you just show up and ask who is last in line and take your place.

My wife was watching me today as I looked over the forlorn area we were sitting in and she asked me if hospitals in America are like this. "No" was all I could say. How could I tell her that a building like this would be condemned? That no sane patient would even go to a dump like this, that the industrial medical complex of the modern world is miles and miles above the wreck of Ukrainian facilities today? That I haven't seen one scrap of modern medical equipment here that even my dog has a better place to go ...

I fear for the day when my heart finally gives out, for surely that will attempt to kill me, but the Ukrainian Medical System will surely drive the nails in my coffin.

So, sorry there is no pretty picture here today, no color, no hot girls in short dresses no pretty flowers or green trees, just a typical hospital scene.

NIKON D300S 1/60 second F/3.3 ISO 280 35 mm

omid from mashhad, Iran


29 Dec 2011 5:06pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

So grim, but look on the bright side, you aren't in North Korea.

29 Dec 2011 8:54pm

@Curly: Yeah :-)

Soheil from Tehran, Iran

nice shot
well done

29 Dec 2011 10:00pm

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Grim, but no grime-at least as far as I can see

30 Dec 2011 8:08am

@CElliottUK: Clean, I will give them that.

1/60 second
ISO 280
35 mm