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or not 2 Bee
9 August 2014

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27 June 2012

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Under Construction
18 June 2012

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The Fabric Man
15 May 2012

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3 May 2012

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Slow Day ...
17 February 2012

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Ukrainian Infantry
27 May 2011

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30 March 2011

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Hungarian Kings of Legend
9 December 2010

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Cheese, Wine & Chili Sauce
25 November 2010

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Little Round Orange Boxes
19 October 2010

Recent Comments

AkMike on Some Italian Guy
Wow! Spectacular monochromatic

matin on Lora's new tan
can u sex with me?

matin on Anna6RW
u r very hot.i love sex with u

matin on Lora's Ax
it s goooooooooooooood

L'Angevine on or not 2 Bee

Harry on or not 2 Bee

L'Angevine on 2 Bee

Elaine Hancock on 2 Bee
Beautiful bright colors! I love the yellow of the flower and the bee! A wonderful composition!

L'Angevine on Bee
superbe ces couleurs

dylan on New Old Soviet Style Telephone Pole
this pole actually seems to be set up pretty well. our 7.2 kV primary distribution lines here in the US sometimes are ...

Nazzareno on Orange Crush
Very very nice treatment.

Ann on Orange Crush

Harry on Orange Crush
Beautiful artistic creation.

destani on Orange Crush
Great shot ! very nice . 5*****

Akbar&Armaghan on Orange Crush

Curly on Orange Crush
Wow, man this makes an impact!

Elaine Hancock on Nuts
I love the color! Beautiful composition.

Basile Pesso on Nuts
Very good. Great wall.

Elaine Hancock on Happy Trails
Beautiful winter scene! Wonderful b&w!

Curly on A Meh day at the river.
Good grey tones, they express the coldness rather well.

Curly on The Road Ahead
Great story telling, his path will indeed be long and winding.

Curly on Sadly, it is winter
Fabulous autumn colours in this shot.

Elaine Hancock on Dead Red
Beautiful monochrome! The light and detail is superb!

Ana Lúcia on Dead Red
Immensely beautiful and superbly atmospheric.

Elaine Hancock on The Road Ahead
Beautiful image and a great title.

Basile Pesso on The Road Ahead
Excellent framing ! Sad story...

L'Angevine on Sadly, it is winter
jolie scène

Elaine Hancock on Sadly, it is winter
And it's freezing! I wish we were back there again! Beautiful image!

destani on Sadly, it is winter
A magnificent capture of the colours! Excellent! 5*****

Aubélia on Sadly, it is winter
Beautiful colors! Have a nice day.

Elaine Hancock on Heading Out, Istanbul
Beautiful image!

Curly on Heading Out, Istanbul
I love the panoramic crop, fits well.

Shaahin Bahremand on Heading Out, Istanbul
so neat and beauty shot well done indeed Have a lovely day :)

Aubélia on Heading Out, Istanbul
Nice with the red boat. Good day.

Elaine Hancock on Down the Danube, Budapest

destani on Down the Danube, Budapest
Beautiful and wonderful .

Curly on Down the Danube, Budapest
Very nice tilt/shift John.

Curly on Tram #4, Budapest
Very cool effect, I love this one.

Akbar&Armaghan on Down the Danube, Budapest
Fantastic shot,very beautiful light and composition!

Ana Lúcia on Down the Danube, Budapest
A marvelous image.

Elaine Hancock on Tram #4, Budapest
Wonderful selective focus and color!

mary on Near that Italian Guy
nice reflection

Elaine Hancock on Near that Italian Guy
Gorgeous color. Fantastic processing! It looks like a painting!

Sharon Pleasants on Near that Italian Guy
Lovely dark tones, wonderful framing. Great job.

Elaine Hancock on Faucet - Topkapi Palace
Wonderful frame. Beautiful design. I hope you had a wondeful Christmas!

Curly on Faucet - Topkapi Palace
Tap, tap........ :-) Hope you had a great Christmas Day out there in the Ukraine.

Curly on Snow Mushrooms
Fabulous shot, but don't touch them!

Curly on Old Soviet Record Player
Ha, it's a portable! Reminds me of a very similar Sony folding type that I had in the 1960s, it was from 1948, ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Someone's Front Door
What glorious intensity of uplifting color - remove the color and depression would set in immediately.

Ronnie 2¢ on Lenin's Sk8erBoyz
Poor Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov is trying not to notice . . where did it all go wrong ?

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